Surfing Santa Cruz Since 1969

Freeline Surf Shop

Established in 1969 surfboard shaper John Mel first opened his doors to customers interested in custom surfboards shaped by the young entrepreneur . John began his love for board building in the 1960's under the tutelage of Skip Frye and the Gordon & Smith factory in San Diego. John refined his skills and moved to Hawaii's fabled North Shore on Oahu.

         Soon thereafter, John and his wife Kim started a family and chose Santa Cruz, California as their home. In 1969 the Mel's started their family business, Freeline Surf Shop. The same year Freeline opened it's doors they also welcomed the birth of their son, Peter Mel. As John and Kim sold surfboards out of their living room, young Peter would learn to grow up in the eclectic environment of Santa Cruz and one of it's communities revered Surf Shops.

         It's to no surprise young Peter would become one of Santa Cruz's stand out surfing athletes. Propelling his talent into a life career as endorsed athlete, broadcaster, actor and quintessence of the World Surf League's Big Wave Tour. Today Freeline Surf Shop thrives as one of Pleasure Points favorite Surf Shops where one can always find a familiar face to greet you at the door.      Welcome to our website and our community.

 Happy Surfing!