Surfing Santa Cruz Since 1969




Take on the waves with our rental options for surfers of all levels! Conveniently located near Pleasure Point, our fast service and competitive prices make us the perfect choice for your next adventure. Choose from a variety of options including Bodyboards, Skimboards, Wetsuits, Softboards, and Demo Hardboards.

Walking distance to Pleasure Point.

Flat rates per business day

$10 ~ $15 ~ Bodyboards & Skimboards

$20 ~ Wetsuits

$20 ~ Softboards

$30 - $40 ~ Demo Hardboards

We offer Channel Island, Pat Taylor, Kalu Coletta, Surftech, Sharpeye, GSI, and more to choose from in our demo fleet. Apply up to $50 in rental fees towards a new surfboard purchase with our try before you buy program!

The Shop

Freeline Design Surfboards was established in 1969 by John Mel in Santa Cruz, CA. Located in the heart of beautiful Pleasure Point, our shop offers everything from wetsuits, surf hardware, accessories, skimboards, bodyboards, t-shirts, hats, clothing, bikinis, sandals, beach towels, sunscreen, and more. Elevate your surf experience with Freeline Surf Shop.

The Art of Life & Surfing

As newlyweds in 1968, John and Kim Mel hopped in their VW bus and set sail for Santa Cruz. They fell in the love with the world-class waves at Pleasure Point, wondered at the area’s natural beauty and even drove by sleepy 41st Ave., flanked by cattle ranches, a supermarket and a few shops. The Mels set up their first shop on Portola Drive, and then on 41st Ave. near Alameda Ave. It was 1969... a nostalgic year in history. These days their son, Big Wave Surfer Peter Mel, continues to chase Mavericks along with his son, John Mel. Who is a WSL Athlete competing in events on tour. You can find Peter commentating for the WSL on location somewhere around the world while criss-crossing paths with son John. Brains of the business Tara Mel accompanies them on tour when she's not instigating things such as the 2017 shop renovation. Reviving Freeline's building back to it's original 1950 Santa Cruz warehouse vibe. Sons John & Anthony also work at Freeline in Marketing and customer Service. Family Owed Family Operated.


The Mavs Gun was designed between Peter Mel and Britt Merrick to do what any good big-wave board should: Paddle extremely well, make crazy drops with great hold and control, then fly down the line and drive through heavy sections with unrivaled confidence.

Listen to this conversation between Peter Mel and his son John as they go through the attributes of the Mavs Gun they developed with Britt Merrick at Channel Islands Surfboards.